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Our devotion to educating the youth has landed us contracts with institutions such as Children Of Promise (children with incarcerated parents), and Children’s Aid Society (young adults in foster care). Our courses have also been incorporated through their STEM programs, teaching students from ages 9 -18.

Our Numbers

Impacted Students
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Devices repaired
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Our Purpose

We are not here just to make a living. We are here to make a difference!  Our team is on a mission to  revolutionize the way our are being education in technology. We promise to remain innovative and dedicated to our community. 


  • To uplift and support our neighborhood
  • Build relationships and gain trust through education and engagement
  • Remain innovative and impactful

Questions About Classes?

Repair Classes

Must be 13 and older to participate.



$ 520

12 Week Program

for 10 students
Email for pricing

Both Packages Include

  • Broken iPhone for repair 
  • Essential toolkit 
  • Repair Mat
  • Heat Equipment
  • Gloves
  • Binder
  • Pens 
  • Parts / LCDs
  • iHold
  • Replacement Parts/ LCDs 
  • Repairdesk ticketing system access 


Some organizations we work with. We look forward to working with you also. 

Class Reviews

Don't Take Our Words!

Hear From Our Students

""Piggy's Repairs LLC has been affiliated with Children Of Promise, NYC for over a year working with children and teens ages 10-14 years old..... Ms. Ashonda and her team have been a tremendous support group on teaching our children how to be hands on with electronics. The children learned to be hands on with smart phones and other devices, to repair and develop technical skills. To further add on, Piggy's Repairs LLC has supported our youth with the ability to troubleshoot and give diagnostics to multiple devices. The students have increased their vocabulary in order to have more advanced conversations in the tech world...."
-Lissette Rojano
Program Director Children's Aid Society
"Ms. Ashonda is great! She helped me fix my brother's phone and now my whole family is asking for my help. I am 10!"
Anthony Martinez
"Class is great! I had so much fun. Repairing devices is not my thing. Ms. Ashonda's class was so much more than that. Because of the class I realized I am more interested in building the programs ran on electronics. She helped me get signed up for coding and program engineering in college. I am 19."
Tiana Riley
".... I came to learn about Piggy's through the recommendation of a fellow coworker on using their services around the tech field to assist in broadening the scope of the foster interns and introduce them to this expanding sector. As a center which works with teens and young adults around job readiness, it was a tremendous success in being able to offer these tech services through Piggy's, in-house, to the foster youth for two very important reasons. First, this was a niche program that the young people expressed great interest in. Secondly, with the latent effect Brough on by the pandemic which immensely increased the use of technology and devices in our work lives, that was an opportunity to give young people the understanding in technology to be more marketable in the job world should they choose that route..... On behalf of myself and the young adults who participated in the tech internship, we strongly recommend Piggy's...."
Brandon Henry
Program Supervisor
"I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Ms. Ashonda. I was enrolled in her program and started interning for her in her shop. I am 23."
Lionel Philips
"Repair class is amazing! I help Ms. Ashonda in class by helping other students when they need it. I took her class twice so I can help a lot for her. I am 12."
Tiffany Reyes

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